this is


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Create an encrypted private cloud. All you need to do is type in a password.

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Upload your files to the cloud. Your files are client side encrypted so even we dont know what you are sharing.

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When you’re done, your cloud will be deleted along with all your files, nothing is saved to ensure maximum security.

So whats the catch?


Free for users

Nothing is ever really free, is it? Well this is.


Free Publicity

By using this app you're helping us gain publicity for our javascript framework, conductance.


should we be paying you?

We wouldn't go that far, but providing this service for free should make us even. :D

Others that have enjoyed this service

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Since I've found this gem, I always use this when sharing secure files.

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This has saved a lot of time, and helped maintain our highspeed workflow.

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Clients love the anonymosity, and how easy it is to setup.

Still not convinced

Try the demo room

The demo cloud gets deleted and recreated every week.

cloudname: onilabs
password: onilabs